2018 Annual Stewardship Pledge

Dear Northridge family,

My life has been filled with both the expected and unexpected. Probably yours, too. That’s just, well, uh, expected.

And there’ve been plenty of those expected moments together with you. At Northridge Presbyterian, I expect to support the staff costs every year, because without their work there’s no organization of our group, no place, and no reason to join together each Sunday for Worship. I expect to be cool when it’s 100 outside and warm when it’s 20. I expect the lights to be on. But every time I pledge for those expected expenses, I’ve hoped for the unexpected.

And they’ve been there as well. At Northridge Presbyterian, we’ve celebrated amazing Youth/Adult/Family Mission work accomplished, played rigged Adult v. Youth soccer games at All Church Retreats and learned about often quiet, but extraordinary lives lived during Memorial Services.

But both made possible only by funding the expected first. Northridge plans and operates year-to-year based only on pledges received for that year. We’ve never carried large reserve funds, choosing instead to invest in Mission, Education and Worship as we could afford each year as a group. Sunday, Oct 29 this year, will be our time to pledge our monetary support for Northridge’s 2018 Operating Budget.

I hope you will pledge that day for those expected and sure to hit 2018 expenses, but even as we face that commitment, I’m still hoping for those next unexpected moments together with you in this Church Community.

In Christ,
Doug Bissell
Chair, Administration Committee

A Minute for Stewardship
Doug Bissell
Candy Haynes
Susan Jenevein
Monty Watson

CLICK HERE for the Northridge 2018 Pledge Card.