2022 Elder Nominations

Northridge Elder Nominations

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In its deliberations, the committee will take seriously what the Presbyterian constitution (Book of Order, 2019-2021) says about persons who fill the office of Ruling Elder. Ruling Elders should be persons of strong faith, dedicated discipleship and love of Jesus Christ. Their manner of life should be a demonstration of the Christian gospel in the church and in the world. (G-2.0104) It is the duty of Ruling Elders... to exercise wisdom and maturity of faith, demonstrate skills in leadership and compassion in spirit…to strengthen and nurture the congregation … to discern and measure the church’s fidelity to the Word of God …to exercise spiritual discernment and discipline … to have responsibility for the life of the church… and to serve faithfully. (G-2.03) Ruling Elders should also express the rich diversity of the congregation’s membership and shall guarantee participation and inclusiveness. (G-2.0401)
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