Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:

Northridge Presbyterian Church responds to God’s grace as revealed in Holy Scripture and in the living example of Jesus Christ. ¬†Through worship, teaching, service, and fellowship, we demonstrate the good news of the Gospel and minister to the spiritual and physical needs of others. ¬†We recognize a responsibility beyond ourselves to live and serve with love and to seek peace and justice in God’s world.

Vision Statement:

Grounded in the Reformed tradition, we see ourselves as a community glorifying God through ministry, mission, and service.

  • Worshipping together, welcoming all people, and offering meaningful spiritual experiences.
  • Studying and teaching the Bible, providing a source of hope and direction for people’s lives.
  • Respecting individual differences and nurturing one another with prayer, support, and fellowship.
  • Promoting good stewardship of God’s earth and its resources, as well as our own spiritual and material gifts.
  • Sharing God’s love by responding to our community and world with compassion.