Our story starts over 100 years ago, when 75 churchgoers asked the East Dallas Presbytery to charter them as the East Dallas Presbyterian Church in 1905. 115 years later, what we now know as Northridge Presbyterian Church has seen three sites, five buildings, fifteen pastors, and thousands of family members. We’ve now worshipped for over 50 years at the site nestled in the Lakewood neighborhood, building a church that our community calls their spiritual home.

Over the years, we’ve faced turbulent times along with powerful moments of revival and unity to reach where we are now. From a 1956 court battle our denominational affiliation to soul-searching times where the future was uncertain, we understand the importance of knowing and remembering our past.

As our church grows and our story continues to be written, we hold community, missions, and fellowship close to our hearts. Written above our sanctuary doors is the reminder to “go out into God’s world in peace,” which is what we strive to do, on Sunday mornings and as a way of life.

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Our Story