Back in 1905, a group of First Presbyterian Church of Dallas members and East Dallas residents petitioned the Dallas Presbytery to charter them as the “East Dallas Presbyterian Church.”

Across a span of 115 years, we’ve seen three sites, five buildings, 15 pastors, and thousands of members. We’ve worshiped at our current site, nestled in the heart of Lakewood, for more than 50 years—in fact, that’s when we first took the name “Northridge Presbyterian Church.”

During that period, we’ve faced turbulent times and uplifting moments alike. But all the while, we’ve held fast to the importance of mission and community—two of our most beloved core values.

At the rear of our sanctuary, you’ll find the words “go out into God’s world in peace” branded above the exit doors—and that’s what we strive to do not only every Sunday morning, but every day.

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