As Christians, we are called to walk with one another through joys and struggles. The deacons of Northridge Presbyterian Church work with our greater congregation to ensure that our members feel truly cared for. Here are some of the ways in which the deacons care for our community. 

Contact our diaconate or the church office for more information.

Zoom Share Café– Once a month, the Deacons hold a Zoom meeting so that the congregants watching worship online can reconnect with their Northridge friends. 

Flower Ministry — Deacons deliver bouquets to Northridge members needing a warm, friendly visit. Bouquets are arranged by volunteers following Sunday service. Call the church office to either donate flowers on a Sunday or help distribute!

Transportation — Deacons can provide information available on free or low-cost transportation options. They can also arrange transportation for church members to and from church services.

Visitation — Deacons love to visit congregants at home or the hospital to provide presence, prayer, and support.

Home Communion — Our deacons extend the communion table by delivering the sacrament to our home-centered members. Past elders and deacons are invited to join the deacons in this ministry. 

Meal Ministry — Our deacons can coordinate a meal train for members, whether they’ve just had surgery, experienced a loss, or brought home a new baby. We’d love to arrange for food to be delivered to your home.

Caring Notes — Our deacons know the power of a handwritten note, which is why we drop notes in the mail to members of our congregation experiencing a particular need or recent joy.

Grief Books — Deacons mail the literary series “Journeying Through Grief” to those experiencing grief or bereavement.

Purls of Wisdom Knitting Group — Our deacons collaborate with the Northridge Purls of Wisdom Knitting Group, a collection of members who regularly meet to make prayer shawls and baby blankets to be delivered to congregants and refugee families. 

Helping Hands — Our deacons and volunteers are eager to lend a helping hand, whatever the task—whether that’s yard work, a simple home repair, or anything in between!

Support Team Ministry — Deacons offer special support to congregants with a deeper level of need. For some members, this is a short-term provision, while for others, it’s ongoing.

Congregational Care