Baptism – In baptism, we remember that we are claimed as God’s own and we commit ourselves to God, to one another, and to our children. The Sacrament of Baptism is celebrated during worship, as the community faith makes promises to welcome and love the person being baptized. If you are interested in being baptized or having your child baptized, please contact Rev. Betsy Swetenburg at

Weddings — Weddings are worship services in which two people enter into a covenant with one another and God. In a wedding ceremony the church celebrates marriage as a gift of God. For the couple involved, it is a moment of deepest commitment, each to the other and both to God. To learn more about requirements for couples being married at Northridge, please contact Rev. Betsy Swetenburg at

Memorials – Just as the church embraces us throughout our lives, so too does it stand ready to embrace us in death and to support those who grieve. Memorial services are important forms of worship for the community of faith. For more information about memorial services at Northridge, please contact Rev. Betsy Swetenburg.

Throughout our lives as Christians, the church ministers to our needs.  We are baptized in the church, nurtured by its teachings, and are fulfilled by service in its mission. At the end of our lives, we find comfort in knowing that the church provides interment and/or memorialization on consecrated church property.

It is in the spirit of closing the circle of ministry from birth to death that Northridge Presbyterian Church has created a columbarium in the courtyard.  The columbarium provides a well-maintained and consecrated site for the interment of ash remains and memorialization of church members and their families. To learn more about the columbarium, please view the forms below and contact the church office for further information. 



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