Few things are as important as fostering growth through learning. We want all people in our community feel supported, loved, and held in every aspect of their walk with Christ. That’s why we offer ministry and learning opportunities for each developmental stage, from children to adults.

Feel free to explore our kids, youth, and adult opportunities, as well as our Child Development Center. And as always, contact us with any questions.



Northridge aims to foster spiritual development and curiosity with our youngest learners through fun and meaningful experiences.

We offer a Kids’ Connection Hour on Sunday mornings, special family programming throughout the year, an annual Children’s Sabbath, Vacation Bible School, and much more. [READ MORE…]



Northridge Youth Group is a place where we come together to play a wide variety of games both inside and outside, have fun, break bread together, spend quality time with friends, serve others, and have conversations about God, Jesus, our faith and how that relates to our lives. We aim to be inclusive, unified, welcoming, fun, thoughtful, and respectful. [READ MORE…]



Northridge aims to provide an open place where adults of all ages can dig deeper into their understandings of faith, share in meaningful conversation, and grow in relationships. We offer short-term adult education studies, weekday classes, seasonal offerings, and special programming for both men and women. [READ MORE…]

Adult Ministry


At Northridge Child Development Center (NCDC), we share God’s love with our littlest friends and neighbors.

Our play-based curriculum allows children to explore God’s big world and who God created them to be. [READ MORE…]