Healthy things grow. A life of faith requires constant challenge and nurture, which is where our learning programs and ministries come in.

At Northridge, we believe there are few things as important as fostering growth through learning. From our Child Development Center to children’s ministries to youth ministry and adult opportunities, we want to make sure that you’re supported, loved, and held in every aspect of your spiritual growth.

We offer ministry and learning opportunities on every level for our members, whether that’s early childhood education in our pre-school or adult classes that dig into the Bible. Feel free to click around and learn more about the programs and classes that we offer at Northridge. As always, contact us with any questions.



At Northridge Child Development Center (NCDC), we share God’s love with our littlest friends and neighbors.

Our play-based curriculum allows children to explore God’s big world and who God created them to be. [READ MORE…]



Children are the future of the church. So it’s our joy to love and nurture Northridge’s littlest hearts, hands, and feet.

Equipping our children with the love they need and the education they require to grow is incredibly important to us, which is why we offer ministries specifically tailored to each age group. By helping to root them in the word of God at a young age, we work to raise a community of children who will change the world with the church at their side. [READ MORE…]



What youth experience now sets the stage for the rest of their lives, which is why Northridge’s youth ministry is such a vital ministry of our church.

These days, preteens and teenagers don’t have it easy. Through our youth ministry, we create a place where every teenager finds belonging.



As an adult, genuine connections with others are so important.

At Northridge, we work to help adults of all ages forge friendships and community. That’s why we have men’s groups, women’s groups and our NOAH Group. [READ MORE…]

Adult Ministry