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February 14: Ash Wednesday Worship – 7am & 7pm
March 29: Maundy Thursday – Soup Supper, 6:30pm and Tenebrae Worship, 7:30pm
March 30: Good Friday Worship – 12:15pm


1. Sabbath book study:
Thursdays February 15-March 22
At the home of Frank & Ann Binford

Do you feel rushed, or overwhelmed by the busyness of your life? Do you long to connect with God, or community more deeply? Dive into this book study exploring what Sabbath rest entails for us modern day Christians. It’s more than just taking a break on Sunday, or following the blue laws of the 1950’s. Participants will be expected to read a couple of chapters a week, and come to the study willing to discuss the material.

2. Lenten Bible Study: Walking the Way of the Cross with Paul
Sundays February 18-March 25
Quillin Hall

Lent is, among other things, a journey on the way of the cross–a journey of learning how to appropriate Christ’s teaching about “taking up the cross” (Mark 8:34-35) for ourselves. This six-session study will look at how one early Christian missionary, teacher, and theologian sought to do just that in his work and in his life. Participants will examine a number of passages in Paul’s letters in order to reflect on the place of the cross in Christian lives today. They will consider Paul’s statements about the cross and its implications not only in themselves but in relation to his practice–including areas where he seems to us to have had difficulty living up to his own ideals. The aim is to invite you into Lenten reflection and practice centered on the cross of Christ, guided by Paul’s own incorporation of the cross into his spirituality. Leaders and participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their own practices of Christian spirituality and ethics in the light of the experience, teaching, and faith of the apostle Paul.