Congregational Care

Our Deacons undertake much of the congregational care at Northridge.

Contact the church office for more information (214) 827.5521. Email the Deacons at [email protected]

Flower Ministry

This is one of the most appreciated NPC Deacon ministries at Northridge. People are recruited from a list of volunteers for each week when flowers are left by the family donating an arrangement for Sunday worship. Deacons are always glad to add a name to the list to make bouquets and deliver flowers either Sunday afternoon or Monday. We take the bouquets to Northridge members who are celebrating something special or needing a cheerful visit. Volunteers may serve as often or little as they choose. Contact the deacons at [email protected]

Greeting Ministry

The NPC Deacons recruit greeters to welcome worshipers every Sunday. Greeters arrive 20 minutes before the 8:30am or 11:00am service (10:00am in summer) and to greet people as they enter the church, helping to hold the doors open for our members, and to simply welcome people to Northridge.

Helping Hands

At times, simple tasks around the home require assistance. NPC Deacons and other volunteers are ready to help Northridge members with simple home repair and yard work projects. For more information, or, if you’d like to be a Helping Hands volunteer, please contact Bob Brimer at (214) 823-8359 or Trey Yost at (214) 458-4409.

Medical Equipment

The NPC Deacons have medical equipment that is available to all Northridge members. The Deacons also have a list of medical equipment that other church members are willing to provide to church members. For information, or to make medical equipment available to those who may have the need, please contact Bob Brimer at (214) 823-8359 or Emily Caird at (214) 226-8155.

Transportation Ministry

The NPC Deacons have gathered some valuable resources regarding free or low cost transportation services available Monday – Friday.  Please contact Duncan MacKenzie at (214) 828-2208 or Vince George at (214) 728-7933 for more information.


The core mission of the NPC Deacons is home visitation of members for a variety of reasons. If you desire a home visit, please contact any of the NPC Deacons, or speak with either Pastor Ben Dorr or Associate Pastor Susan Sytsma Bratt.