Northridge Mission and Outreach

At Northridge, we recognize a deep responsibility beyond ourselves to live and serve with love, and to seek peace and justice in God’s world.  We actively demonstrate this “faith in action” fifty-two weeks a year and have continuously done so since our founding in 1905.

The word “Mission” for us is a verb!
Our membership is active, involved and supportive in sharing a wide range of talents, leadership, passion and countless hands-on hours in a variety of local, domestic and global partner ministries. We understand worship and mission to be two facets of one purpose for the Christian community.  Some of a congregation’s mission responsibility is, of course, to its own members, but we have a serious obligation outside the congregation to the neighborhood, the city and the world.

Through our time, talents and dollars, Northridge members and friends of all ages actively demonstrate a key portion of our “charge” in unison at the end of each Sunday service, saying…

strengthen the faint-hearted, support the weak, and help the suffering.”

Northridge provides numerous opportunities throughout the year to make impactful and meaningful differences in our world. 

Click the images below to read our mission stories, see a complete list of our mission partners and discover ways to help.

Mission Stories