Northridge encourages our neighbors to enjoy our facilities for community events. We believe that our ministry includes sharing resources with those around us, and we invite you to inquire about using Quillin Hall, our new Education Center, or the church grounds for fellowship, learning, and growth.

How do I inquire about reserving space at Northridge?

Fill our the Facility Use Form and send it in an email to office@northridgepc.org. 

Questions about the form? Send an email to office@northridgepc.org and one of our staff members will be in touch soon.

Do I need to be a member or have a sponsor in order to hold an event?
You do not need to be a member. We love sharing our facilities with the community around us. Of course, we request that you treat the facility as if it were your own and respect the requirements for usage.

Is there a rental fee?
The nature of your event and the space requested will determine if fees apply. Fees may include custodial, security, and/or utility. Evidence of insurance may also be required for certain activities.

What if I want to reserve the space for a monthly event?
We welcome recurring events that enhance our mission.

Is the parking and lighting adequate for an evening event?
Our parking lot is well lit and easily accessible, no matter which area of the church you wish to reserve.

What if my child’s soccer team wants to reserve the field for weekly practice?
The Northridge field is a popular practice spot for youth sports teams. Please complete the Property/Field Request Form and select “Sports Field Reservation.” We will respond as quickly as possible.

Does it matter if we aren’t a nonprofit or not-for-profit organization?
Not necessarily, but it is important to Northridge that our facilities are used for purposes consistent with our beliefs and mission. A staff or church member will be happy to discuss this with you further. We encourage you to learn more about Northridge. [READ MORE…]

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