Since our first trip to Haiti in 1984, Northridge’s adult mission trips have continued to make a significant impact. Our journeys have taken us to places like Juarez, Mexico; Joplin, Missouri; Moore, Oklahoma; and the Gulf Coast. These missions play a crucial role in building strong connections between our members, inspiring transformative moments of faith, and creating a disproportionate impact for good in the communities we serve. Through our adult mission trips, we aim to make a lasting difference and spread kindness and God’s love wherever we go.



Every summer, Northridge youth go on inspiring week-long mission trips, showcasing construction skills, sharing love, and deepening their connection with Christ. Each year, a carefully chosen project takes them to places like Bell County, Kentucky; the Mississippi Delta; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and Costa Rica. These transformative trips foster strong relationships among the youth, teach them to put faith into action, and expand their worldview with compassion and responsibility. The youth gain invaluable life experiences and grow in faith through these missions.