At Northridge, we find particular joy in worshiping together. We offer multiple age-appropriate styles of worship on Sunday mornings. From Labor Day to Memorial Day, we offer two unique services. At 9:00 a.m., we offer a casual outdoor worship service that lasts 45 minutes. At 11:00 a.m., we offer a more traditional sanctuary service. During the summer, we switch to one 10:00 a.m. service in the sanctuary which incorporates elements from both services. We invite you to come authentically as you are; wear what makes you comfortable, and please don’t check your mess at the door!

Outdoor Worship at 9:00 a.m.

Located in the lower parking lot on the back side of the church building.

What should I expect? We open with the Cheers theme song each week, sing a gathering song, dive into the scripture and sermon, reflect with a song, and pray for those in our community and world. The service is around 30-45 minutes. This service is meant to feel more casual than sanctuary service—you’ll see kids running around freely and members in lawn chairs!

What about my kid(s)? Here at Northridge, we believe kids belong in worship, too. We honor their wiggles, noises, and need to explore. We have a designated “pray-ground” staffed with an attendant so parents can come and go as needed. A “pray-ground” is a specially designed space where children can actively engage in worship in age-appropriate ways. In the “pray-ground,” children will participate in activities that connect to the scriptures while observing and listening to how our community worships God. Towards the beginning of worship, they are invited to the front for a special children’s moment and they help lead the congregation in a prayer

Sanctuary Worship at 11:00 a.m.

What should I expect? We follow a reformed order of worship. You will be guided through worship by a bulletin. This service will feel more traditional—we will sing hymns led by the Chancel Choir, read scripture, hear a sermon, and pray together. 

What about my kid(s)? We wholeheartedly embrace children’s presence in worship.  As part of our service, we extend a warm invitation to children to join us at the front of the sanctuary for a special segment called “Time with Tiny Theologians.” This dedicated moment provides a tailored message about God specifically crafted for children. Families are also welcome to drop off young children (kindergarten or younger) in our nursery which is staffed with professional child-care workers.

Summer Worship at 10:00 

Summer worship begins Memorial Day (May 28th) and continues through Labor Day (September 3rd). It is located in the Sanctuary.

What should I expect?  Many things will feel similar to our traditional sanctuary worship — order of worship, music choices, and bulletin format to name a few. However, this service will have a more casual feel to it and worship leaders will not wear robes.

What about my kid(s): During the summer, we move our “pray-ground” indoors. Just as we do at the 9:00 a.m. outdoor service, we welcome and honor your children’s wiggles, noises, and need to explore. In the front of the sanctuary, we have a designated pray-ground in the front of the church. We have a staff member assisting the children and parents are welcome to come and go as needed. We understand that each family’s needs may differ. Whether you choose to embrace the dynamic environment of the prayground or prefer the serenity of the nursery, we are committed to accommodating your family’s preferences and needs.

What To Expect