A steward cares for that which belongs to everyone else, and at Northridge we affirm that all we have and all we are comes from God.

Through our financial stewardship, we confirm that everything – including our wallets and our very selves — belongs to God. Financial commitment is one tangible way we live out our faith, trusting that when our whole community gives, our gifts can do far more to impact our world than we could do alone.

Our annual operating budget for 2020 is $865,000, which enables the following ministries:

Worship – Worship is the center of our life together, and is act from which all other ministries begin.

Mission – Together we work to be Christ’s body in our neighborhood, our community, and our world. We participate in God’s healing work as we serve the least, the last, and the lost.

Christian Education – Through Christian education for all ages, we connect our heads and hearts so we can live as God’s people in the world.

Fellowship – We seek to welcome the stranger and to care for one another as Christ welcomes and cares for us.

Administration and fundraising – We have incredible staff and technology who run our programs and carry out our mission and ministries.

Below, you’ll find:

Financial stewardship is a critical part of Christian discipleship. You can make your offering to any of our financial stewardship campaigns by mailing your offering to Northridge, Attention: Treasurer or by using this form.


Question about your pledge? Contact Bryan Jones at [email protected]

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