You have the option to make an offering online here or give via text!




  1. Text 1-844-958-4345 with the amount of the gift and the name of the fund. For example, 10 1dollar
  2. Our funds are: stewardship, 1dollar, building, 2pencils, packthepews.
  3. If a member enters a dollar amount with no fund, the gift will default to General Operating, which we will record as a stewardship offering.
  4. The first time that a member makes a mobile text offering, he or she will be asked for their information, including credit card.
  5. Members can make recurring gifts.
  6. Members can opt out at any time.


To make your 2024 pledge, please click here.

If you have questions about your pledge or would like to make an offering, you can mail your pledge to the Northridge, Attention: Treasurer; use this form; or email Allan Tepera at

A steward cares for that which belongs to everyone else, and at Northridge we affirm that all we have and all we are comes from God.